Tworzymy również własne oprogramowanie do pracy ze skanami i chmurami punktów. ASCAN pozwala na wydajn± pracę z wieloma skanami w ¶rodowisku CAD.

key features:

1. Orientation of Registration ( Orientation of the scans).
- Accurate algorythms,
- Calculations for hundreds of scans.
- Full control of the quality.
- Minimizing of the need for control points and taergets.
- In many cases no targets at all.
- No time needed for changing position of the sacans.
- Comfortable measuring and veryfing of measurements.
- Information about quality for each observation.
- Export orientation to LFM, DAT

2. Fast displaying in CAD enviroment
- Efficient technics for fast displaying.
- Very fast way to get crossections.
- Work wit hundreds of scans.
- Fast hipsometry for depth control on flat screen.
- Changing of the XYZ on the fly.
- Cutting out parts of scans.

3. Orthoimages
- Generating of Orthoimages on Plain.
- Generating of Orthoimages on Cylinder.
- Generating of Orthoimages on Cone.
- Sets of crosssections in constans offset.
- Creating difference of two scans.
- Creating tiffs and vector.
- Hipsometric images.
- Edges filtering.
- Filling gaps.
- Depth filter.

4. What are we working on:
- Mobile scanning resampling.
- LIDAR checking and processing.
- Measuring of special targets.
- Measuring of 3D elements like pipes.

On line Help (under construction)

download ASCAN 1.47 2012-05-20

download ASCAN 1.44 2011-12-04

download ASCAN 1.43 2011-05-09

download ASCAN 1.42 2010-11-12

download ASCAN 1.40 2010-09-24

download ASCAN 1.36 2010-07-19

download ASCAN 1.32 2010-04-19

download ASCAN 1.31 2010-04-08

download ASCAN 1.30 2010-03-29

download HASP install

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